Specialty Vehicle

  • "Specialty Vehicle" can be defined as any vehicle that exists outside the norm of a standard or "stock" factory production vehicle. That would include any modified, customized, assembled kit, antique or hi-performance vehicle. It would also include any vehicle that has been parked or stored for an extended period of time. This policy also applies to vehicles that are more than fifteen (15) years old. Although many, if not most, repair shops tend to shy away from such vehicles, we, at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, take pride in the fact that we employ technicians with the skill and ability to provide service for "Specialty Vehicles" and for our customers that own them.

    This commitment does present a variety of unique conditions, not the least of which has to do with the inherent unpredictability associated with repairing this special class of vehicles. As many are either of a vintage where current technology is inapplicable and parts availability unpredictable, or are modified in such a way that conventional approaches to repairs aren't effective, accurately estimating the final costs and times of repair becomes virtually impossible. In cases where extended periods of storage and "non-usage" are indicated, encountered difficulty in even the simplest of operations may become exaggerated. Frozen, rusted parts, availability of replacement parts, worn and seized parts all contribute to the inability to predict precise costs and completion times.

    In many cases, circumstances dictate that we must provide priority attention to vehicles which serve as primary transportation for our customers. Specialty vehicles typically don't meet these criteria and cannot take precedence over the immediate needs of our everyday customer

    With these considerations in mind, we want you to understand at the outset that it has hard to make hard dollar and time estimates on these types of vehicles. We do promise to perform any repairs in a proper manner, and will charge only for the necessary time and material required for the appropriate repairs as requested.

    In cases where there may be significant time invested and / or money invested in ordered parts, we require that an initial deposit be made based on the investment. The deposit will be placed in your account and applied to the final invoice. Once your vehicle is completed you will be required to remove your vehicle within 3 days. If the vehicle is not removed, a storage fee of $30.00 per day will be charged to you commencing on the 4th day.

    I, the undersigned, have read and understand the above agreement and approve the conditions as set forth therein:

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