Oxygen Sensors: What Do They Do?

Common Triggers of Oxygen Sensor Faults

What Does an Oxygen Sensor Do?

An oxygen sensor (O2 Sensor) helps your vehicle balance the air to fuel ratio necessary for your engine to run. Using a special metal component, the system balances the ambient air oxygen levels with the levels necessary for proper engine operation on a minute by minute basis. A failure of the O2 Sensor can lead to too rich a fuel mixture which can tax your engine and lead to engine failure. The enemy of an operating O2 Sensor is silicon. When the porous surface of the specialty component in the O2 Sensor is exposed to silicon, the silicon can adhere to the porous surface and keep the sensor from reading the O2 levels. You may notice your check engine light illuminates on the dashboard if your O2 Sensor is failing, so should this happen, it’s time to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop like Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in South Austin, TX.

Signs of a Failing O2 Sensor

As already mentioned, your check engine light might be an indication of a faulty O2 Sensor. However, the check engine light can mean many things, so bringing your vehicle to a certified auto repair shop is the only way to determine if a failing O2 Sensor is actually the problem. Another good indicator of a failing O2 Sensor is dramatically reduced fuel efficiency. Especially if the fuel efficiency falls off suddenly, it could be a sign your O2 Sensor needs to be replaced. Since a failing O2 Sensor would mean your vehicle uses more fuel than before, it makes sense that a dramatic drop in fuel efficiency could be prompted by a faulty O2 Sensor. Another sign, which can be avoided with early O2 Sensor intervention, is sudden catalytic converter failure. No matter what signs you might notice, any indication of an O2 Sensor failure is a sign you need to bring your vehicle to the team at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive for inspection and diagnosis of the underlying problem.

We Can Help!

At Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, our team prides itself on being the auto repair experts in South Austin, TX. Whether you’re experiencing problems with an O2 sensor, or other engine problems, our team is here to help you get back on the road as fast as possible. We’ll inspect and diagnose the problems underlying the signs you’re experiencing and then recommend repairs that will keep your vehicle on the road instead of broken down beside it. Give us a call today to make an appointment for a computer diagnostic test to diagnose any O2 sensor issues, or stop by the South Austin shop during our regular business hours.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive