Maintenance Tips for Your Volkswagen Vehicle

What You Should Do!

Volkswagen is known for creating vehicles that last. Many people that seek their models do so because of this and it has become a strong selling point for the brand. Although Volkswagen’s utilize brand-specific material in order to achieve this longevity, there are actually a few common maintenance tasks you can perform in order to have your vehicle operating properly. By performing these simple tasks, you can expect your Volkswagen to properly function for years to come!

Check Your Oil

Motor oil is responsible for keeping the components within your engine lubricated and clean. Without motor oil, vital parts within the engine will quickly get damaged and your engine will overheat. When checking your oil, you want to make sure your oil has a clear, amber color to it. If so, then your oil is still good. If you notice that your oil has taken on a dark and gritty appearance, don’t worry! That means the oil is doing its job, but you will have to get it changed.

Also keep in mind the level of your oil! To check the level, look at where the oil stains end on the dipstick. If you notice that they end in between the “Low” and “Full” mark (these may be different for your vehicle) or end right at the “Full” mark, then your oil level is at an optimal range. If the oil ends at or below the “Low” mark, then you need to add more oil!

Inspect the Brakes

When inspecting your brakes, you want to monitor the thickness of your brake pads. Your brake pads shouldn't be less than 3.2 - 6.4 millimeters in thickness, as anything below that is considered too thin and can damage the brake disc. You can also determine the thickness by listening to the brakes as you use them. A squeal or squeak indicates that your brake pads have reached their minimal level of thickness. A grinding sound indicates that they’ve completely worn out, which can cause severe damage to the brake rotor.

Replace Wiper Blades

It’s important to be proactive when replacing your wiper blades, and although you may think a little smearing on your windshield isn’t a sign of wiper degradation, it is. The wiper blades help improve the visibility you have while you drive, especially when it’s raining or snowing. Some common signs of deteriorating wiper blades include smearing, streaking, rust, and a damaged squeegee.

Clean The Interior

Over time, it isn’t surprising to leave a number of different items in your vehicle. From convenience to laziness, there are a lot of reasons why we may not decide to remove a particular item. Take some time to clean out the interior of your car. Maybe you left a golf bag in your trunk. Or maybe you have some clothes in there that you forget to take out. Regardless of what the item is, taking the time to clean your car will not only make it look better, but it may also improve the way you drive! Removing that extra weight can relieve some of the stress that was on your brakes and engine!

Written by Dave Erb