Emissions Testing in Round Rock, TX

Your Certified Emissions Testing & Texas State Car Inspection Station

All automobiles in Texas are required to undergo an annual Texas State Car Inspection, and if you live in Round Rock, emissions testing is required as well. If it’s time for you to get your car inspection and emissions testing in Round Rock completed, simply bring your vehicle to the experts at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive! We are a certified car inspection and emissions testing and repair station, meaning not only can we test your car, truck or SUV, we can also repair any issues that don’t pass. No need to run all over town, our ASE Certified Mechanics have got you covered.

When Are Emissions and Car Inspections Required?

Car inspections and emissions tests are required in Round Rock each year to keep your vehicle in good legal standings. A car inspection is also required in every area of Texas when you first move to the state and are trying to register your automobile. Emissions testing or smog checks are only required in certain areas of Texas that have a more dense population. The counties that currently require your vehicle to pass an emissions test are: Williamson County, Travis County and El Paso County.

Why Do I Have to Get A Vehicle Emission Inspection?

Regular emissions tests (smog checks) are mandated by the federal Clean Air Act. This Act requires vehicle emission inspections and maintenance programs be carried out in areas across the US with significant air quality issues. Motor vehicles produce many excess air pollutants, as their exhaust contains carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and additional harmful elements. Emissions repairs keep cars from producing more exhaust than they should, keeping the air quality cleaner. It’s important to protect our beautiful environment to enjoy now and in the generations that come!

Texas Rewards Eco-Friendly Driving!

Texas offers some perks to those who choose to drive eco-friendly, “green” cars with lower emissions. The following vehicles are exempt from getting their emissions tested:

  • Electric Powered Vehicles
  • Diesel Powered Vehicles
  • New vehicles that are fewer than 2 years old

NOTE: Hybrid vehicles are NOT exempt from smog checks as they still require gas to operate. All cars, even electric and diesel cars, are still required to get a yearly state safety inspection.