Customer Furnished Parts

  • We are a premium automotive service provider. We always strive to provide the best possible automotive service and parts to our customers. One of the reasons we can perform outstanding service and repairs and warranty them longer than any other repair facility is our experience with different vendors of auto parts. Our finished product is no better than our parts. A poor history with a brand of parts means we quite likely won't use that part again.

    Please don't think that we are being vindictive or negative with this agreement. We just want you to know that parts vary widely in quality and fitness of purpose. We furnish quality parts and have to assume all these risks ourselves with every job we do. There's a lot more to this line of work than the average person might realize. We've spent a tremendous amount of time and money to get this knowledge and we'd prefer that you take advantage of that.

    You have asked us if you can furnish your own parts and we will be happy to accommodate your request, providing you agree to the following terms:

    1. You agree to pay an additional 20% labor charge on the job to make up for the lost profit we won't have on the parts you furnish. This only covers our labor overhead.
    2. You agree to pay the labor to remove and re-install any part you furnished that doesn't work after we put it on. This labor will also be billed at the 20% higher rate. This includes partial installations. In some cases, it's not possible to tell the part won't work just be examining it when it comes out of the box.
    3. You agree to have the replacement part back to us within an hour after it fails. You will assume all responsibility for transporting the part from our shop to the source and back again. We will not go anywhere to get any part you furnish. This is your responsibility. It costs a tremendous amount to reassemble a car in order for it to be moved out of a stall and then put back in a stall for the subsequent work. In the event no replacement part is available the same day, the "one hour requirement" can be waived.
    4. You agree to assume all liability for the future failure of the part you furnished. We cannot guarantee any part we did not sell you. If the part fails at any time, you agree to hold us blameless and assume all costs on your own. You fully understand that the car may not even make it out of the technician's work area.
    5. You also understand the full risk of furnishing your own part financially. You understand that the final cost may far exceed the original cost we quoted you to perform the repairs using our parts. You have elected to pay the price of not utilizing our expertise in the area of selecting premium quality parts. You also realize that the repair may turn out to be totally unsatisfactory if the part you furnished does not perform up to expectations. You assume this risk willingly
    6. You agree to pay for diagnosis in the event the part you furnished fails and the car comes back in "doing the same thing". Even though the symptoms may be the same, the cause could well be different. A proper repair can only be done after a proper diagnosis has been made. This simply costs money, which you agree to pay. Diagnosis will be charged at the normal rate, it will not be raised by the 20% figure.
    7. As always, we will stand behind our quality labor. We will still guarantee that we will perform all labor operations according to acceptable industry standards. In the event that we do not properly do our job, we will guarantee our work, but not the part.
    8. Regardless of the outcome, you agree to pay labor according to the above agreement, even if you decide after the work has commenced that you no longer wish to have the vehicle repaired at all. In the event work is stopped, you will only pay for the labor that has been done up to that point. At no time will we waive any labor charges on work that has been authorized and performed.

    I have read and agree to the above terms

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