Car A/C Repair in Austin, TX

Be Ready For Every Seasonal Change

Your car’s air conditioning system does more than just keep you cool when driving down the road. Dave’s Ultimate Automotive of Austin, TX is your local AC repair expert. When summer is in full swing the last thing you want is your car’s ac to go out. That mean more than just being hot; your car’s engine relies on this system as well. It’s important to be prepared before the heat gets really bad in Austin. Your vehicle’s AC isn’t just to keep you comfortable; your car needs it too! For reliable ac repair call Dave’s Ultimate Automotive at (512) 710-2417 or stop by 2617 S 1st Street for great service.

What Does your AC do?

Did you know that an average four-cylinder engine car, producing around 4,000 explosions per minute to allow your automobile to move? These explosions produce intense heat that needs to be cooled and removed even without added outside temperatures! This is where your vehicle’s cooling system comes into play.
Your vehicle’s air conditioning has an important job to control the temperature inside your cabin and your engine. This process keeps your car’s engine from overheating, and prevents failure and unexpected breakdowns.

How Does my Car’s AC Work?

Your vehicle’s cooling system works to keep you cool in the summer and your engine cool all year round no matter the outside temperature. Car cooling systems are quite intricate, yet there are a few basic things you need to know about to help you understand how it all works together. The core of the cooling system is the compressor. The Compressor takes refrigerant that is in gas form and pressurizes it. This process cools the air and sends it through a series of pipes or refrigeration lines. In regards to your engine the hot air that circulated through out is sucked in through the cooling system where it is then also cooled by the compressor.
This process, works in conjunction with your radiator, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve; when working together they keep your vehicle from overheating year-round.

Does my Vehicle’s AC Need Maintenance?

Most mechanical systems require maintenance from time to time and your car’s AC isn’t any different. First, it’s important to make sure you have the correct amount of refrigerant. It is important to follow guidelines and DO NOT OVERFILL! If your car’s ac isn’t blowing cold air simply adding refrigerant could fix the problem. Yet, if there is a leak you may need further help. We recommend having your cooling system inspected and flushed every 20,000 miles to stay ahead of costly repairs. Failing to have your cooling system inspected and flushed could cause expensive damage that will require service. The best way to make sure your vehicle’s AC is working correctly is to bring it to Dave’s Ultimate Automotive of Austin and have one of our AC repair specialists inspect your vehicle. Call (512) 710-2417 or schedule service online.