Car AC Repair in Round Rock, TX

Our air conditioning experts will keep you cool on the road.

When you need car AC repair in Round Rock, TX, don’t sweat it – simply come to Dave’s Ultimate Automotive and let our air conditioning experts take complete care of you and your automobile! We’re dedicated to helping drivers in Round Rock and the surrounding local areas keep their cool on the road. Our ASE Certified Mechanics use the latest technology and equipment to properly diagnose and repair your car’s cooling system, leaving you and your vehicle refreshed.

Why should I get my car’s AC repaired?

Many people don’t realize this, but your car’s air conditioning does more than just keep you comfortable, it keeps your vehicle running its best as well. Your car’s cooling system has the important job of keeping the engine from overheating. The engine in your vehicle produces a lot of heat when its operating, so it requires something to keep it at an optimal temperature. That’s where your car’s cooling system comes in! If you think you’re hot in one of our Texas summers, just imagine how your vehicle feels.

We offer complimentary AC checks & guarantee our work!

As a trusted local auto repair shop in Round Rock, we do right by our customers, and that means that we stand by the automotive services that we provide! We guarantee our car AC repair services with a great 2 year/24,000 mile warranty, so you know your car, truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid vehicle is in the very best hands. We also offer free auto air conditioning checks to determine if your car’s AC is functioning properly, so it really couldn’t be easier!

The next time your vehicle isn’t keeping you cool the way it should, simply stop by, call or schedule your appointment online and let the friendly team at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive help!