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Being a BMW owner means owning the Ultimate Driving Machine, or at least that is what their slogan claims. In many ways BMW has held true to that saying. It isn’t easy to match the performance, design, build, quality, and comfort you get when owning a BMW. I think the whole reasoning behind their slogan is to remind its customers that they want you to love driving your car as much as you love owning one. So when your car isn’t working right you want the best BMW Repair service shop working on it. At Dave’s Ultimate Automotive we are here to help get you and your BMW back on the road as soon as possible, and we understand just what it takes to be able to do that. Give us a call at (512) 355-3955 or schedule your appointment online.

Finding the right BMW repair man isn’t easy

We know how hard it is to find just the right mechanic to work on your BMW. Not only are BMWs different from the average car they also need different tools, diagnostic equipment, and authentic BMW parts. So not just anyone can actually work on your car. You need a certified technician that is up to date on all the latest information regarding your specific make and model. At Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Cedar Park, TX we understand the intricacies of your vehicle and the attention it deserves. Our techs are continuously trained and updated on all the variations in every make and model of BMW. We also have access to authentic BMW parts, so no need to worry about waiting for the right part to get your car repaired. Stop by the shop and check us out, we would love to be your next BMW repair service specialist.

Stellar BMW Service every time

Once you see our shop, you will understand why our shop is the best place to service your luxury vehicle. Many BMWs are custom made, and the performance of the vehicle is dependent on the quality of parts and the precision labor that goes into making them. Without that they would be just another can, excuse me, I mean car. Here at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive we use nothing but authentic BMW parts and accessories to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to the specs that it was built. Did I mention, that our BMW repair services are guaranteed by a nationwide 24 month/24,000 mile warranty warranty? As an added bonus, we also provide free vehicle safety checks on your car’s brake system, air conditioning, check engine light and alignment when serviced. We do this to make sure you and your family stay safe while on the road. Just in case you need it we also offer free wifi and coffee while you wait. If you need to leave your car with us we offer a free local shutter service for your convenience. Visit us today at 1403 W. Whitestone Blvd. Cedar Park, TX 78613 | Phone: (512) 335-3955 | We’re Open 7:30am – 6:00pm

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