The Difference Between Auto Repair Shops and Dealerships

Finding A Better Alternative Some auto owners refuse to take their vehicles to auto repair shops. Instead, they insist that dealerships are more qualified to work on their vehicles. But is there really any clout to the claim that dealerships are better? The answer depends on what you’re looking for and where you place your

5 Warning Signs of Possible Transmission Failure

How To Act When Your Transmission Shows These Signs Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most vital systems in the car. It is what enables the vehicle to move, and the fluid inside helps in the cooling, lubrication, and transmission of pressure and force. Unfortunately, as Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in South Austin, Texas, knows,

5 Toyota Fun Facts

Things To Know About Your Vehicle Toyota is one automaker that has become a worldwide sensation due in part to its sleek designs and reliable vehicles. As an 80-year-old manufacturer, it has an interesting history that even die-hard fans of the brand may not be aware of. Are you ready to learn some fascinating tidbits

How Emissions Testing Equipment Works

And How It Affects You There are 31 states with at least one county that requires emissions testing. If you’ve recently moved to one of these states, or you’re concerned about passing the test with your current vehicle, find out how testing equipment works and how you can be sure your vehicle will pass your

How Fast Can Your Car Stop?

What To Expect Driving In Inclimate Weather Modern vehicle brakes are much better than they were decades ago, but that doesn’t mean you can tailgate the vehicle in front of you and remain safe. Every vehicle has a minimum stopping distance, especially if it’s overdue for brake repair or has other mechanical issues. It’s important