Auto Repair: Why Cars Break Down

What Can You Do About Vehicle Breakdowns?

"I want my car to break down," said nobody ever! Since it's in your best interest to keep your vehicle running well--and not breaking down--we'll help you identify the most common issues that leave drivers stranded. That will help you control the issues that you can and deal with those you can't. For honest, trustworthy auto repair that's backed by a generous 36-month/36,000 mile warranty, rely on Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Round Rock, Texas.

The Most Common Culprits That Can Leave You Stranded

You might be surprised to learn that some of the most common problems that leave drivers beside the road are simple issues that are within the control of an average person. If you're wondering about the easiest situation to prevent, yet one that will surely leave you going nowhere fast, it's an empty gas tank. That's right! One of the leading causes of transportation trouble is running out of fuel. In most cases, that's something you can prevent. You should be mindful of all gauges as you drive (speedometer, engine temperature, gas gauge, etc.). Plan a fueling stop before you're down to only fumes in your tank. This can save you from the major headache of running out of gas as well as help prevent fuel system damage (particularly in diesels). While you can't magically make your car's battery strong, have it checked periodically, particularly if you experience warning signs such as difficult cranking. Once your battery becomes aged and weak, it's a good idea to replace it because that can help you prevent the inconvenient discovery of a dead battery. A flat tire can also leave you in a lurch. Even though punctures from road hazards aren't preventable, control what you can by monitoring overall tire condition. This entails maintaining proper inflation, ensuring sufficient tread depth, and rotating/balancing as scheduled. Other common troubles involve components and systems over which you have less immediate influence. These include the brakes, transmission, and engine. However, proper preventive maintenance services and timely repairs of smaller issues will go a long way toward preventing sudden large problems that cause a breakdown. Routine service visits to complete tasks such as oil changes, brake inspections, and tune-ups will help you keep your vehicle in roadworthy condition.

Reputable Auto Repair Near You

If you are actively trying to prevent serious car trouble, let the experts at Dave's Ultimate Automotive assist you with scheduled maintenance. Should you find yourself in a transportation bind, we're also here to help you with repairs. Our integrity and dependability has earned us multiple awards and recognitions, and we back our work with an outstanding warranty.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive